Physio Suite

Booking & Reminder System


Physio Suite is a well established physiotherapy clinic who looked into digitalising their booking system. Previously, clients would call the clinic to make an appointment and a representative of the clinic adds the appointment to a Google Calendar shared by the whole clinic. Then, on the day prior to the appointment, an SMS is sent, manually, to remind clients of their bookings.


At Neural Solutions, our job was to automate this process. A Booking Portal was built where clients can use their mobile device or computer to set up a booking, choosing the service and the time of their appointment. The times available for an appointment were determined by a Roster for the different clinicians, taking into consideration other bookings to ensure no overbookings. At the end of the day, the system checks the bookings of the next day, and sends an automated SMS to each client.


Client App


  • User-Friendly and Easy to Use

  • Mobile-Responsive

  • Select Service and Clinician

  • Select Date & Time from Availabilities

  • Confirmation Email

  • SMS Reminder

Admin App

  • Google Calendar Integration to Manage Bookings

  • Roster to Manage Multiple Clinicians

  • Google Contacts Integration

  • Admin Ability to Add and Modify Services and Clinicians

  • Admin Ability to Set a Custom SMS Reminder

  • Focus on Security