World Pro Racing

Website & System Design


World Pro Racing approached us with a PROBLEM – the previous website provided limited features and applying to events was not as user-friendly.


So, we provided them with a SOLUTION – a cleancustom and fully-responsive web app, where registered users can apply for events. The admin is provided with facilities to make changes to the website, including publishing news articles and creating events with specifications such as date of event and application codes.



  • Member Registration & Logins

  • Event Bookings and Cancellations

  • Event Filtering

  • News Articles

  • Focus on Security

Admin Back-End


  • Writing & Editing News Articles

  • Creating & Editing Events

  • Access and Modify Drivers Applied to Events

  • Send Emails to Registered Users

  • Focus on Security

“Neural Solutions were the right people to put all my ideas of World Pro Racing to life. Being technical myself with years of experience they understood all the features needed to have a professional and easy to navigate website. They always listened carefully to my instructions as time is very limited for me and they implemented everything as explained. Not only that, they put extra effort above all. Their support was way above my expectations with solving issues few minutes after being informed and that is important as a website is never finished. I recommend Neural Solutions for your next project to put your vision into reality without a doubt.”

Justin Mifsud

CTO – World Pro Racing